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Play Farkle across multiple devices on a shared board

VueJS Socket.io NodeJS Redis TailwindCSS

I built this game during the pandemic so that I could play Farkle with friends and family. It allows anyone to create a game and then share a tokenized url that can be accessed on any device. You can check it out by visiting farklenow.hayes.lol.

On the frontend I'm using VueJS to handle the interactive parts of the application such as rolling and selecting dice. Information about the current game is stored in a Vuex store which is automatically updated via a persistent connection to a socket.io server. All of the styling is done via tailwindcss which allows you to create a custom look and feel without writing any css.

The backend is a pretty basic nodejs application that takes care of temporarily saving game play details to a redis server where they are set to automatically expire after game play has concluded.